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Art Class Ends June 19, 2014
Resumes September 2, 2014

Drop off program
designed for mixed ages from 4yrs and up.

Art Zone is pleased to announce an exciting new program that extends the prior "art class" program to serve many after-school needs.

After-School Program Availability
Monday: 2:00 to 6:00
Tuesday: 2:00 to 6:00
Wednesday: 1:30 to 5:30

Each parent works with the Art Zone staff to design the individual program to fit their schedule. At the time of registration, we will ask for your commitment to your pre-planned schedule. You may register for one or more days of the week. Schedules can be adjusted from month to month with prior notice. Your tuition payment is requested at the time of registration and automatic billing is made on the first of each month. This will help us plan our slots for the upcoming month and make room for other registrations.  Art Zone pretzels, fresh fruit, popcicles, and pasta are included.

Daily Tuition Schedule:
90 Minutes: $20
Up to two hours: $25
Up to three hours: $35
Four Hours: $40

10% discount for siblings.
10% discount for a second week day.

Note: For previous art class students looking to repeat the art class experience, we recommend that you sign up for the 3:30 to 5:00 time period, and we will honor last year's tuition rates.

Daily Curriculum Schedule
Art Zone will offer pick up (walking) from Hermosa View
Kinders: 2:25pm and First/Second at 2:35. Wednesday pick up is 1:20 pm.
All others are welcome to drop off kids at the time that works for you.

2:00 to 3:00 Arrival, Snack, Creative Play, Music, and Sensory Activities

3:00 to 3:30 Homework Support (clay building is offered for those not needing homework support). Please see more about homework support below. A relaxed environment is provided for all children.

3:30 Art Instruction Group 1
Children learn techniques and skills presented by a skilled art instructor with the intent of connecting with a child's own inner self expression.

4:00 Art Instruction Group 2
This art lesson is delivered joyfully in Spanish language supplemented with English as needed.

3:30 to 6:00 Creative Play and Art
Creative choices are offered by attentive Art Zone staff who act as a partner with child-led plans.  Anytime your child is not participating in art instruction they will have free choice creative play. The last hour of creative play will be joyfully delivered in 80% Spanish immersion, through songs, music, pictures, props, stories, puppets, games and conversations. English is used as necessary to support safety, communication and understanding.

Wednesday schedule will start at 1:30 and end at 5:30.

Examples of How to Design Your Schedule:

If your child attends Hermosa View and you need the convenience of our pick up service and homework support, and an art lesson:
Register for 2:30 to 4:00 - 90 minutes for $20 per day

If you want homework support, an art lesson and extended play:
Register for 2:30 to 4:30 - your child will be invited to the first art lesson group. Two hours will be $25 per day.

If you want a Spanish Language class: Register from 4:00 to 5:30 for 90 minutes for $20 per day. Or register from 4:00 to 6:00 for two hours for $25 per day. Register for several days a week to build deeper language skills.

If you need after-school coverage until 5:00
Register for 2:30 to 5:00 and your cost will be $35 per day.

If you need an after-school activity for Wednesday's minimum day
Register for 1:30 until 5:30 and enjoy the entire program for $40 each Wednesday.

ABOUT Homework Support
Some kids love homework exercises, and feel internally motivated to practice their assignments. For other children, homework is drudgery, to be avoided at all costs. Most kids are somewhere in between,some days enjoying some parts of homework assignments and some days feeling reluctant to comply- motivated primarily by their desire to please adults they care about. Many parents are concerned that mandatory homework will diminish children's natural love of learning. Some parents believe that homework is the key to developing a strong work ethic that will serve them well throughout their life. There has been controversial information and research recently, causing many to question the time-honored notion that homework is good for children and more of it is better.  There is no doubt that all parents want what is best for their child in the long term.

Art Zone considers research about attachment, stress responses, optimal child development, brain development, and conditions necessary for learning, and applies this knowledge to your individual child in the context of the values you are wanting to promote in your family. Our goal is to help parents and children understand and develop the optimal environment for individual learning.  What we know about stress, it that too much stress is counter productive to optimal learning and a forced approach to learning undermines a child's successful outcomes. Your child will be offered a relaxed and empathetic environment to complete homework assignments for a short period of time (20 to 30 minutes). If a child is resistant or reluctant to perform tasks requested by their school teacher, Art Zone staff will use this opportunity to connect with children in an attempt to understand what is blocking their engagement to the work. With input from parents, we will build an individualized approach to best support each child. We employ our skills of building emotional intelligence to move toward internally motivated learning. Research shows that well developed social and emotional intelligence skills are the best predictor of long-term success in life, meaning relationship, job and financial satisfaction. Employing a social and emotional learning approach to homework will support your child in developing these valuable life skills.

ABOUT Art Instruction
Art Zone provides art project instruction that invites children to develop skills and self expression. The role of the instructor is to scaffold engaged learning by offering step by step structure to create piece of art work that pleases your child.  Each project is delivered with coaching from the instructor towards assisting children in developing "self-referencing" skills. What colors do they like to use? What shapes are pleasing to them. What materials would they like add to the work? The projects offer many choices with in the step by step structure. Children's are encouraged to request subjects for their art work and make requests of materials they would like to use. Art Zone staff incorporates these requests into the lesson planning. Lessons vary from clay sculpture, drawing, collage, water color, printing techniques, paper making, chalk and oil pastels. Most lessons are mixed media - using a combination of materials and techniques. Most projects are completed the same day, in about 20 to 30 minutes depending on the engagement of the children. Occasionally we provide lessons with multiple steps that may require an hour or more of project work or the project extends to the next visit. Children may opt-out of teacher lead project work when it is in the best interest of the child. If a child opts out of the day's project, an instructor will use their best efforts to provide a customized alternative project during free play, if the child in interested. Often other children will want to join the "alternative" project. Project requests are always welcome! We learn a lot from the children who create spontaneous projects, and their creations are often incorporated in to our lesson planning for future classes.

ABOUT Spanish Immersion
Art Zone is in a unique position to offer fun and exciting art based programs delivered by our highly skilled and educated English-Spanish bilingual staff. Art Zone is committed to creating a multicultural and anti-bias environment for child development. Young children learn languages through exposure to songs, stories, vocabulary and language usage in a fun and play based setting. Early childhood provides an optimal window for multi-lingual development. The more time children spend immersed in a new language, the better these skills will develop. Children exposed to a second language, even if they do not develop fluency level skills, will be more open to understanding, valuing, and respecting differences. This is the goal of Art Zone's anti-bias curriculum.

ABOUT Creative Play
"Creativity is contagious. Pass it on." Albert Einstein

Art Zone is a play based experience for children, because this is the most meaningful work of childhood. While our art lessons offer a structure to add to children's ability to play, Art Zone also provides generous amount of studio time to child-lead creative play. (This is Art Zone's version of floor time, or "special time). This play is spontaneous and child-planned, and includes imaginary play, sensory play, art materials play, resting and relaxing play, "hiding from the world" play,  friendship play, word play, song play, puppet play, cuddle time play, and "anything can be play" play. Creative play is not "permissive" play, meaning it does not equate to the absence of adult connection, safety, studio values and socialization limits. Sometimes creative play means that a child needs to release pent up emotions and distress by expressing anger and sadness. A good long cry is welcome and often leads to the most fun and free play for rest of the day. Art Zone staff will always engage with empathy, support, and emotional intelligence in response to conflicts.
Art Zone staff is skilled at creating the optimal environment for creative play. Play is powerful and children are learning all the time from everything. Play is the ultimate curriculum.

No classes are offered  on school holidays- You are not charged for classes on holidays. Please join us for Art Camp if you are in town. Please See Holiday Art Camp Schedule

Non Refundable: Tuition is non-refundable. Art Zone prorates your tuition for the month based on the number of days you are registered. Tuition is automatically charged in advance, on the first of the month for the current month according to the tuition schedule on your registration form.  Due to the small size of our studio, limited slots available, and the high impact of missed classes, we are not able to offer make up classes. For the same reason, we are not able to credit missed classes to the following month. If your child is sick the day of class or misses class unexpectedly, please join us for Studio Together with in 30 days of the missed class. Please request a pass. If available, we may be able to credit your tuition for a missed class to parents night out upon request. Thank you for your understanding.
Space is Limited: To keep the quality of our classes high, we limit the number of children we enroll. We schedule our staff carefully and prepare materials in anticipation of your reservation. Since our space is limited, we may have turned down other reservations to accommodate your reservation.
Cancellation: To cancel enrollment, please notify Art Zone by the 20th of the month preceding the month you wish to cancel or change your child’s enrollment. Please keep in mind that we plan our staff schedules, prepare materials, and contact families on our waiting lists around this time to prepare for the following month. On the 1st of the month, full tuition is charged for the current month. If you miss the deadlines, and are unable to attend class, please call us to schedule substitute classes as available.
Prorated Tuition: The Art Zone prorates tuition automatically. Please see tuition schedule in your Art Class Contract.
Sick Days or Missed Classes:  Please choose another day to attend or ask for a pass to join us for open studio together. Please make up your missed class with in 30 days.

Art Class Is Not Offered on School Holidays
nor in the Summer.
Summer Camp
Early Bird Registration